EarthPulse PEMF Therapy Devices – India

In India, PEMF therapy devices (Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy) are manufactured by EarthPulse since 2002. Our unique 3-in-1 Magnetic Therapy / PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) / rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) system is not just a sleep machine but also a performance enhancement, longevity and recovery system, that improves your sleep, mental & physical performance and have you feeling 10 or 20 years younger in 90-days guaranteed

Earthpulse Technologies invented these PEMF devices for sleep and performance enhancement uses. It is the first company to invent and launch an accessible PEMF device directly for users worldwide that provides benefits far beyond clinical applications! It also launched the first systems of PEMF therapy in India. Our PEMF therapy devices have helped more than 10,000 users sleep better since 2002.

Welcome India, to the future of healing! Our v5 pulsed electromagnetic fields technology is the most efficient way to enhance deep sleep (while improving night-time recovery and day-time performance) guaranteed or your money back.

The ONLY PEMF therapy technology on Earth guaranteeing:

  • Remarkably deeper sleep
  • Improved physiological, neurological, psychological repair
  • Highly enhanced strength / stamina / short term recovery
  • Increased long range stamina
  • "Altitude-Training-like" stamina & breathing capability improvement
  • Improved hand / eye / motor synchronization
  • Improved executive performance and higher day-time energy level


It doesn't matter if you are a sportsmen or elderly; sleep better, perform a decade or two younger and be setting personal performance records for your age category in 90 days or return it.

EarthPulse's unique and patented systems mimic the magnetic fields of mother nature. All living beings are dependent on the magnetic fields of nature to function effectively. However now, due to electromagnetic pollution from cellular towers, power cables and TV/radio, this magnetic field of Earth, is not the same as before and is highly polluted. This pollution affects us very drastically without us realizing the cause, and results in many serious physical and mental disorders. EarthPulse users have reported in 96% cases, to immediately sleep better and have higher energy levels during the day after a few days of using our systems. It is specially beneficial for older people who can now live longer by being less sick and more energetic on a daily basis.

EarthPulse PEMF systems are portable and easy to use. You simply put the electromagnet under the mattress, select the program mode and set the time on the control unit, and go to bed!


Latest Earthpulse™ v.5 systems

Our Range of Pulsed Electromagnetic System

Newest most economical option

Manual Freq Mode

1 Electromagnet

1100 Gauss

Lifetime Support

90-day money back guarantee

USD 499

Most powerful PEMF under $10,000

Manual Freq Mode

2 Electromagnets

1100 Gauss x 2

Lifetime Support

90-day money back guarantee

USD 899

Do take time to go through our global research website and make an informed decision to gift immense health benefits to your family or yourself. Our unique Pulsed electromagnetic field systems are harmless as they operate on very low power, but directly stimulates the body's cells to function efficiently, thereby getting rid of more toxins from the body naturally and prevent ailments in future. Our PEMF systems are completely safe to use life-long and every night.

PEMF therapy has been prescribed by leading doctors in the field such as Dr. Pawluk. You can visit Dr. Pawluk's website to get better understanding of the benefits of PEMF therapy as well.

Users report their health getting better and better, year after year! Have a look at the extensive client feedback that we have collected over 10 years on our international website.

EarthPulse has always been made in India. To get these PEMF therapy devices in India, you may use Amazon or directly through our official distribution website. Indian customers will be charged the same shipping as on Amazon India if ordering through our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon and wish to serve you well.

To get our PEMF devices anywhere in the world, visit our official distribution website. Shipping is available for any country in the world at flat-rate of just $49 per device, with the same guarantee and warranty.

In 2014, we have also launched an Earthpulse PEMF for Equine (horses and camels) use. With this Equine PEMF system, performance and competitive equines benefit greatly with quicker recovery from fatigue and better performance to break all personal records in days, effortlessly and efficiently!