Both 432 Hz & 528 Hz are healing frequencies and have been written a lot about already. Current research on 432 Hz and 528 Hz is conducted mainly using tuning fork tones, musical notes and as well as vocals or chants. It seems there is a definite spiritual and physical benefit. The EarthPulse™ is a pulsed magnetic field  therapy device, generating a  square wave whose primary use frequency has been 9.6 Hz since 2002. We recently realized that 9.6 Hz harmonics hit both 428 Hz AND 528 Hz.

We know that a 444 Hz tuned A-note is mainly used so the C-note is tuned to 528 Hz. A 432 Hz A-note will become out of key if the C-note is resonating at 528 Hz. The EarthPulse gives you both 432 Hz and 528 Hz along with the base frequency of 9.6 Hz which corresponds to the well-known beneficial effects of 10Hz PEMF, rTMS and electric stimulation studies. Based on our user reviews, we feel the precise tuning of the EarthPulse to 9.6 Hz does in fact exceed results we read in published works on 10 Hz.

EarthPulse™ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy system’s program mode (Manual Freq mode) allows to set magnetic field frequency for up to 12 hours at any one frequency for from 1 Hz to 14.1 Hz for meditating or sleeping in a particular pulsating magnetic field such as 9.6 Hz. EarthPulse™ is the simplest yet most adaptable and effective PEMF system in the world.

Giving user benefits of 10 Hz PEMF as described in dozens of PEMF / rTMS studies while producing harmonics directly at 432 Hz and 528 Hz. The system quite portable and weighs just 2 lbs. EarthPulse™ PEMF therapy devices produce effects that simply exceed all PEMF systems regardless of price; with more Gauss (1100 Gauss Peak) than any system under $10,000 and the safest, most nutritive PEMF range of 1 to 14.1 Hz.

See the devices closely here.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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