The Sleep on Command™ pulsed magnetic sleep-machine enables deeper sleep by entraining the brain towards delta rhythm sleep and help promote energy production ALL NIGHT LONG when energy is required for natural repair, hormone synthesis, memory consolidation and immune function.

How does PEMF therapy work? Within a week or two, energetic effects carry into the day..Just set the timer when you go to bed and let EarthPulse™ assist you in your journey to deep, recuperative sleep and back again. IT EVEN HELPS YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING BY SHIFTING TO ALERT AT THE END OF PROGRAM TIMER. You simply can’t get these effects from any other device technology in the world no matter how expensive. EARTHPULSE™ is designed for all night, every night use under your existing mattress.

Sleep better, recover better and perform better

Generally after a week or two, circadian rhythm stabilizes, daytime energy soars, so do mental focus and physical performance levels. Old nagging issues become less and less of an issue as night after night there is excess ATP “pooling” that cells can draw upon to enhance natural repair mechanisms and hormone synthesis. This is the importance of deep, Delta-rhythm sleep. ENERGY POOLING. Remember it.

Top Ten EarthPulse Effects

Further research studies have been reviewed at our extensive research article database for your reference.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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