Athletic Performance improvement can be achieved with night-long frequency specific Pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy.

EarthPulse™ is by far the most effective aid for sports performance enhancement (endurance, strength/weight ratio, speed, quickness, improved hand-eye-motor synchronization, better short as well as extended recovery). The EarthPulse™ field utilized throughout night time is much more effective aid than steroids, EPO (blood doping), altitude  training or virtually any methods regardless of whether legal, banned or illegal.

more energy per breath can be achieved when your body receives nourishing magnetic fields.


Athletes, fitness experts and many champions use Earthpulse from many years and have reported immediate relief from stress and faster recovery from work outs resulting in much healthier life and improved sports performance.

In August 2014, EarthPulse launched the Sleep on Command v5Pro, with 2 electromagnets, that’s double the power from it’s earlier systems where 30% increase of stamina within two weeks was reported frequently. Having two electromagnets allows to use the EarthPulse more effectively. For example, one magnet could be placed under the knee area in local application mode and the other magnet could be used for full body recovery at the same time. The possibilities become realities when you are feeling positive. PEMF therapy has been FDA approved for treating depression too. EarthPulse Sleep on Command v5Pro offers program modes using the controller of the magnets to create PEMFs that can be used for getting deep sleep, be more energetic and recover faster from work outs.


How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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