“Brain Stimulation Technology used by Olympics athletes from the US team in Rio Olympics 2016”, this is latest news from Russia Today news network and several other media outlets.

tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation),  rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) Therapy are the 3 main technologies through which the most effective Brain Stimulation can be achieved.

The news that Brain Stimulation technology used by Olympics athletes in Rio 2016 is nothing new! The truth is that these Brain Stimulation technologies came from Eastern Europe and Russian research in the 80s.

There is no doubt, that fitness freaks and competitive athletes have been stimulating their brains and also the cells of their entire body, to receive ergogenic performance enhancement effects. In Olympics and most professional sports competitions, brain stimulation is still not illegal. Possibly because dope testing laboratories have only been focussed on forms of substances or chemicals used. After a brain stimulation session, there is no chemical additive in the body of a using athlete.

These therapies are not just effective in the Performance enhancement effects for athletes but  have been used to improve conditions of those suffering from diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Migraines and atleast 40 more disorders have been shown to benefit. These benefits are in the range of temporary relief to even permanent healing and complete reversal of condition.

Of the three (tDCS, rTMS or PEMF), PEMF is the most effective technology, It is newer, more advanced technology that goes beyond physically pass microcurrents to the tissues to energise them. With PEMF devices such as the EarthPulse PEMF device it is possible to get a full body coverage using a portable magnet that just needs to be inserted under the bed or pillow.

EarthPulse has case studies from as early as 2002, even before NASA launched it’s research on PEMF. So it’s been on the fore front of affordable brain stimulation devices for athletes since the very beginning of PEMF in America.

brain stimulation gear for athletic performance improvement

Indeed, this is a revived technology which wasn’t and still isn’t wide-spread in the medical field, but it has proven itself over past 3 decades. Numerous studies have since been happening in John Hopkins, Yale, Stanford and several other reputed research institutes to measure it’s potential for performance enhancement – both physical and mental, as well as healing effects for various health disorders. PEMF, tDCS or rTMS are now legal therapies in USA, Canada and the EU for various health conditions.

Since 2002, there have been more than 10,000 users of EarthPulse, including Olympics athletes and Olympics hopefulls, some of whose case studies are available on their website. They have done a great job with iteratively improving their system, year-on-year based on a feedback program they run with their users. No other brain stimulation company has gone into that level of user focus and general spirit to improve their products for the sole benefit of their users.

Therapies such as Brain Stimulation technology used by Olympics athletes have also been part of other competitive sports. Cyclists and Triathletes from Europe have long been known to be using endorsing PEMF therapy devices. When they can get upto 20-40% performance or stamina increase, painlessly and effortlessly, with no side-effects, why wouldn’t they?

PEMF, tDCS or rTMS are now legal therapies in USA, Canada and the EU for various health conditions. Still more studies are being conducted with albiet at a very slow pace, to see if these therapies could completely replace several conventional medicines. It is possible that the industry does not find owning a simple and cheap magnetic system that cures many issues to be of good business value.

Frequency based medicine, perpetuators on the other hand, have documented studies about modern lifestyle technologies such as electric lines, microwaves, wi-fi, cellular towers are causing damage to our neural system. These devices help negate the effects of EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) Pollution and as they provide nutritious magnetic fields at very low frequencies, closer to that of Earth, below the Schumann Resonance mainly.

Brain Stimulation technology used by Olympics athletes is nothing new!

In Rio 2016, we can’t really say that one team is using Brain Stimulation over the other, because frankly that’s a joke! These technologies have been avidly adopted by thousands of professional fitness instructors and athletes worldwide already. So this whole news about US athletes using Brain Stimulation expose by RT, is also some sort of joke, perhaps in retalliation to the banning of it’s paralympics team!

So as you now understand, that Brain Stimulation Technology used by Olympics athletes is nothing new, and the public now has excellent choice of energy supplementation to try. This will have great impact on human health, as it also promises longevity, and that’s equivalent to seeing 80 year olds getting physically active again , like never before, in this life-time!

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