From many years, EarthPulse offers the ability for its users to track their progress over a 90-day period using a Feedback program. Users track stats like sleep quality, energy, physical and mental performance, pain, saturated blood oxygen, etc. We have been gathering this data from our users from several years now, and it has been an invaluable resource to improve our systems, as well as come up with new ones such as the v5Basic which was launched earlier this year. It’s also been helpful to our users as they can monitor the effects of our PEMF instruments better and learn to use them well.

The data clearly showcases the effectiveness of EarthPulse PEMF therapy devices for sleep, physical and mental performance

The above graph maps averages of a set of 36 feedback program participants. Participants were selected randomly for this analysis and insight, with age range of 34 to 75 years.

One of our 73 years old user reported this feedback after 90-day use on day 90:

I feel it has helped me relax more at night, so I am pleased that I invested in it
EarthPulse PEMF Therapy Device - v5
Written by: Anand
Date Published: 10/14/2016
My chiropractor has just done X-rays on my neck and found the atlas, C1, to be tilted at about 5 degrees, probably restricting blood flow and nerve signals. This is encouraging as no one else has found any reason why I am not well. He will try to adjust it tomorrow. I then go on vacation, where I will hopefully get a treatment from an expert in this adjustment. This condition is known to cause insomnia, so that should make a big difference to my sleep when corrected. My sleep has suffered recently because of the summer light and being too warm in bed. It seems that to a large extent my neck condition has been hindering the possible advantages of the Earth Pulse. I feel it has helped me relax more at night, so I am pleased that I invested in it. Looking forward to feeling better! Thanks
5 / 5 stars

These interactions in our feedback program, give us motivation and information to improve.

A 47 year old, Diabetic and Arthritis user got her sleep back:

I love my sleep system
EarthPulse PEMF Therapy Device - v5Pro
Written by: Valerie
Date Published: 10/14/2016
I find that my energy and pain have gotten better. I do have some pain in my knees but I am think that is my nerves waking up and when I put direct application of the magnets on my knees it helps the pain go away. My sleep is much better and I have been told that my skin is glowing. I did notice that some of my blood sugars are lower even though I havn't gotten them quite under control. I love my sleep system and I feel my health is slowly improving along with my diet and excercise!
5 / 5 stars

EarthPulse has also shown great results with reducing pain due to chronic fatigue, Psoriasis, Arthritis among other reasons. Most users reported significant drop in pain levels within 2 weeks of usage.

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