​EarthPulse™ is happy to announce the release of it’s latest v5.2 Basic Lite PEMF sleep device. The Lite PEMF device comes with a full power Basic controller and the Air-core electromagnet. Recommended for those on a very tight-string budget, the Lite offers a peak magnetic field intensity of 110 Gauss with the Air-core electromagnet.

The Basic Lite PEMF device would serve well for local applications and entrainment purposes as well as a sleep machine when used at pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in the delta range (0.5 hz – 3 Hz). Slip it under your pillow or place the light Air core anywhere to feel the happy PEMFs nourishing your cells.

Experience world’s favorite PEMF technology at a lower magnitude and enjoy it’s rejuvenating effects life-long. We’re sure this system will leave you wanting for more! Then, when you are ready, upgrade by adding metal parts or getting a bigger system.

​The air-core coil is the heart of our full electromagnet assembly that allows 3 different configurations –
– low power (aircore only 110 gauss)
– full body coverage (​no outer ring 950 gauss)
– local application (outer ring attached 1100 gauss)

PEMF therapy device - v5.2 Basic Lite - Electormagnet 110 Gauss

Basic Lite offers you all the power of the v5.2 Basic PEMF device by using an Air-core only. Set timer, choose your favorite frequency for Sleep, Recovery or Alertness (1 – 14.1 Hz at 1/10th Hz sensitivity) and press start.

In the morning the program will jump to 14.1 Hz for an hour at end of timer to help you wake refreshed. Nothing like it on Earth. EarthPulse™ isn’t PEMF therapy,… it’s a new way of life!

Order a v5.2 Basic Lite Today!

Experience PEMF therapy at a low magnitude and enjoy it’s rejuvenating effects life-long! We’re sure this Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy system will leave you wanting for more! Then, when you are ready, upgrade by adding metal parts or getting a bigger EarthPulse™.

The Buy button leads to the product page on Sleep-Tech.com (our worldwide distribution & customer care portal). Orders for our PEMF therapy devices are accepted from all countries  and at the best price. Easy payment using any CC and quick worldwide shipping with Fedex Express.

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