EarthPulse users from all over the world have submitted their reviews to us over the course of many years.

On our Youtube channel you can find a few EarthPulse reviews. Here are the links to playlists for EarthPulse reviews on Youtube, categorized by usage benefited for.

Apart from the above video reviews you can also check out many reviews from sufferers of various diseases and even old age benefit greatly from EarthPulse PEMF therapy usage. See EarthPulse PEMF Therapy Reviews on

Apart from that they are also encouraged to submit a  90-day feedback form, which helps them closely track their progress over a period of 90 days and also helps us in assisting them to get the best results. You can download & read many EarthPulse reviews as part of the 90-day feedback program here.

Be sure to check out our PEMF Research website, that contains more than a 1000 published research studies from reputed medical journals for more than 80 ailments. By using PEMF therapy, patients of all these diseases and ailments are benefited.

This festive season, gift your loved ones or your self, the best gift possible – the gift of health! Sleep deeper, perform better, recover faster and feel a decade or two younger within 90 days or your money back!

Sleep better with PEMF therapy from EarthPulse


How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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