EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pollution) Protection is necessary due to alarming amount of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) pollution or EMP present in urban areas today.

Researchers have proved that EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pollution) levels are high quite from devices and technology such as Wi-fi, mobile phone towers, smart meters and many more. This electrosmog creates many health disorders. EarthPulse recently updated it’s research reviews of several new PEMF and EMP research publications.

Getting EMP Protection

Many EMI shielding products try to provide EMP Protection. Products like conductive fabric, conductive sponge, conductive adhesive tape, conductive fabric over foam gaskets, emi shielding gaskets, conductive nickel mesh, conductive non-woven fabric, conductive silicone elastomer,silver fabric, emi power line filters, Beryllium Copper,metal knitted wire mesh,emi shielding pouches,cell phone/ipad anti-radiation pouches and so on exist for the commercial and military markets.

However, none of these come close to the effect of an EarthPulse. EarthPulse provides safe and effective EMP Protection from Electro-Magnetic radiation that is constantly being bombarded into the body from the environment. It is the only device which can wipe out the negative effects of EMP on the body during sleeping hours.

PEMF device for couples and everyone

This PEMF machine does much more than EMP Protection. It also boosts the metabolism and cellular repair of all cells in the body due to its biologically nutritious pulsed electromagnetic fields. Regularly using this PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy also enhances recovery time from physical workouts and naturally improves stamina (recorded as high as 20% in 2 weeks for some users). Since it has a positive effect on the nervous system too, professionals enjoy enhanced hand-to-eye co-ordination. Many athletes and sportsmen use PEMF as a atheletic performance training tool. It is one of the best kept secrets of Athletic Performance Training industry.

PEMF as a Athletic performance training tool


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Compare PEMF Devices by EarthPulse - TMS Therapy SystemsEarthPulse is a pioneer of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) devices and has evolved the world’s favorite PEMF devices since 2002. Manufactured in India and Designed by American Inventor, Paul Becker, EarthPulse has been developed with careful consideration to our user feedback. We have a 90-day full-money back guarantee and also provide a 90-day feedback form which allows you to track your progress with PEMF therapy such as breathing, sleep, energy and so on. Read product reviews from users worldwide or go ahead and simply give it a shot, you have nothing to loose!

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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