EarthPulse™ Equine 4 Magnet PEMF system

EarthPulse™ Equine 4 Magnet PEMF machine
The EarthPulse 4-magnet Equine system can be used at home by two people as two EarthPulse Pro systems with slightly less power and is a great choice for a couple sharing bed and looking for more powerful whole-body PEMF therapy. The EarthPulse Equine PEMF machine comes with 4 high-intensity PEMF coils and is the most effective sports performance enhancement and longevity system for horses and equines.
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Comes in 2 selections of controllers. Equine Basic has the ProBasic controller (1 Program) and the Equine Pro has the Pro controller (10 Programs). Come with free padded carry pack for outdoor or barn/stable use. Comes free with the EarthPulse Equine 4 magnet PEMF machine.

For Home-use:

The peak magnetic intensity for each magnet with outer ring on (most powerful config for local application) would be 750 Gauss peak amplitude. With 4 PEMF coils that’s 3000 Gauss. For whole-body application (sleep-configured magnet) that would be around 100 Gauss less per magnet. When the 4 magnets of this PEMF machine are shared equally by 2 people using the same bed, the effects can be compared close to the EarthPulse Pro system which provides 2200 Gauss peak amplitude.  

Suggested PEMF coil placement: 2 magnets per person with one under head and the other under the hips. The magnets go under the mattress (which can be up to 16″ thick, ideal distance is 6-10″ for a powerful whole-body PEMF application.

The same program would run on all the magnets. If using sleep programs and both persons are not hitting the bed around the same time, the first person would get a better experience finding sleep, as the sleep programs sequentially slow down the frequency. The late sleeper would still benefit, lower frequencies automatically stimulate the mind to relax and find deep recuperative sleep 

Refer user manual so you can learn how to use our PEMF technology. Refer to the ProBasic or Pro manual depending on which Equine model you choose. 

For Equines (horses and camels):

The EarthPulse™  Equine PEMF machine is the world’s only equine (or camel) performance enhancement and longevity system. Four magnets can be placed at the 4 quadrants of your summer or winter blanket (as shown) over the hips and shoulders using included male velcro sticky patches and female sided velcro zipper pouches. Alternatively, one or two coils can be used all night in local application by fixing with Ace-type bandage or included pouch & strap accessories; to rear legs using included magnet extension cables. Try the EarthPulse Pro PEMF system if you’re a Jockey or rider seeking better sleep, better performance and super human recovery yourself!

Simply secure the pouches with included stick on Velcro to 4-quadrants of blanket over shoulders and hips (cross stitching Velcro patch is necessary for performance); hang the included controller and power supply holster around animal’s neck and plug magnet leads into the two splitter cables. Boot the controller through the clear panel on holster, choose first program RECOVER-MODE, set timer to 12 hours.

Nearly dusk till dawn use on a fully charged battery (purchased separately from the market). During the day, move the entire holster to the office for charging.Battery ) can be charged without removing controller or battery from holster. Daily inventory of many systems is easily accomplished by numbering the transport pack and the corresponding charger in the office, where they remain stationary plugged into power strips in numerical order.

Our Patented PEMF Program Modes

10 Algorithmic Programs: Frequency range under 14.1 Hz

RECOVER-MODE – Up to 12 hours 9.6 Hz with wake up phase and 1 extra hour Alert 14.1 Hz buffer whether set for 8 hour or 12 hours. Perfect for power naps.

SLEEPEZ – 9.6 Hz for 10 Minutes (when set for 8 hours) then stepping down to 3 Hz in 60 seconds then stepping down further to  to 1 Hz over course of during following 15 Hz – back up to 3 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer

SLEEP-MODE 1   9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over 45 minutes (when set for 8 hours) then back to 5 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz – back to 5 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer to help user to wake.

SLEEP-MODE 2   9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over course of 45 minutes (when set for 8 hours) then stepping back up to 3 Hz / down to 1 Hz / back to 3 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer.

SLEEP-MODE 3 – 3 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz back to 3 Hz for total of 4 cycles then wake up phase and 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer.

SLEEP-MODE 4 – 1 HZ start to finish plus 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer to help you wake without feeling groggy.

ALERT-MODE – 12 Hz to 14.1 Hz back down to 12 Hz for up to 12 hours (hour choice as a cancelling field for EMF protection during waking hours)

MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE – Set for 1/2 hz – 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours with an additional 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer to help you awaken when used for sleep

ENTRAINMENT-UP – 9.6 Hz to 1/2 Hz back up to 14.1 Hz in 30 – 60 minutes setting then shuts off.

ENTRAINMENT-DOWN – 9.6 hz to 1/2 Hz and shuts down. 1 hour setting only.

More Information about brainwave entrainment and the cellular healing effects of PEMF therapy is available on our Research website.

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