Equine owners and jockeys are in for some great news. The world’s only Equine performance enhancement, recovery and longevity device is now available easily in India too.

It doesn’t matter if your next race is at Royal Western India Turf Club or Hyderabad Turf club for that matter, EarthPulse is the simplest, portable and effective PEMF device for champions. Watch them exceed, just as others have in Australia and Emirates so far. This is the secret of performance enhancment for Equines that simply works and that too without the use of any chemicals or drugs.

How does PEMF benefit Equines? How does PEMF result in Equine Performance enhancement?

EarthPulse PEMF substantially improves oxygen metabolism in mammals. Not only making your equine athletes faster, but making them stronger, recover faster and be more resistant to injury too.

All our systems come with a 90-day money back guarantee.This PEMF device for Equines is also the most economical yet powerful PEMF therapy system on the planet. It delivers the power and healing with much less hassle and easier installation, and above all it’s the only system that can be used by your Equines all night, without need of any supervision. All this at a fraction (more than 5 times cheaper) than any other PEMF therapy system.

Detailed information about our PEMF therapy device’s performance enhancement effects on Equines are covered on our PEMF for Equines page here.

See the PEMF for Equines page on our main website above to have a look at the PEMF therapy device for Equines more closely. Life-time customer support is accessible, as well as detailed usage manuals are provided to all users.

With over 14 years in the market, EarthPulse is safest, most sensible choice for not just Equines, but for Jockeys and Professionals engaging in any equine sport as well. Find instant gain of energy, stamina and flexibility by using EarthPulse V5Pro within 90-days or your money back.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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