How to use an external battery for portable, off the grid, or equine applications?

We suggest this 12 volt battery from Voltaic (not sold here) for transportable, off the grid and equine applications.

Voltaic sells rugged solar recharging systems for the battery so you’ve even got your EarthPulse PEMF machine during long power outages (cell phone and laptop too) or for full off the grid use.

Fully charged battery will run full power with 2 magnets on a splitter for 10 hours at 12 volts setting.

Recharges from mains power in about an hour. We keep our battery plugged into the wall charging and powering the EarthPulse to avoid shut-downs due to frequent nighttime power outages in this part of the world.

Once a week to extend life of battery, unplug the battery charger and run the EarthPulse PEMF system all night from the battery to fully drain it. Then plug back in to recharge.

Add our padded carry pack for full trans-portability. Transport pack comes free with the EarthPulse Equine 4 magnet PEMF machine.


Do not use 16 and 19 volts setting on battery. Wave form WILL break down at greater than 12 volts. We know which parts burn out from too high voltage input; this will void your free service warranty.


How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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