PEMF Therapy devices made by EarthPulse have a truly universal application. Think of an EarthPulse as an instrument. It has been reported by most of our users to improve their sleep, energy levels and stamina, pain and mental health on a long-term basis. Thus it is important to note that you simply can not experience the peak health benefits in a few days or even a few months. Feel younger, clearer, pain-free  and more energetic year by year! Discover now, how to get the most benefit from PEMF Therapy devices by EarthPulse.

For sleep and mental health, PEMF therapy works on principles of Brainwave Entrainment. Pulsating magnetic waves influence the brain to attain sleep, while at the same time energising each and every cell in the body, to the extent of its field, to function more efficiently. This results in truly natural healing which has been simply stimulated to happen using very weak magnetic fields. The benefits far exceed the associated mild and temporary side-effects of PEMF Therapy.

The EarthPulse PEMF technology has evolved over 15 years of constant product improvement based on our Feedback Program. The Feedback program offers the users to keep track of their health over a 90-day period and document their findings in quantitative and qualitative survey. All customers are welcome to submit their Feedback using our Feedback Program and receive a 10% rebate on their purchase.

To get the best results with PEMF Therapy using EarthPulse, follow the user documentation section of step-by-step. User documentation link is sent to customers after they complete their purchase. If you missed your welcome email, please contact us. These manuals go in-depth to acclimatize the user and also then start using it for desired results.

As everybody has a different metabolic system and nutrient composition, it may work almost instantly for some or might take a few days or even weeks for few. As reported by a small percentage of users, it may take upto 14 days to feel anything at all, or even see agitation while using it  Since the usage is designed to last all night, your initial sleep cycles may initially get disturbed instead of immediately resolve. Do not worry, this is usually just your body’s self-repair mechanism working over-time. Within a few days, you should be able to sleep all night with the system on. Follow our manuals carefully to resolve agitation if any. Feel free to contact us at any time for dedicated response regarding any queries you may have regarding using the PEMF therapy device.

The frequency range of the EarthPulse is from 0.5 Hz to 14.1 Hz. We never use frequencies over 14.1 Hz (one of the Schumann resonance peaks). All our frequencies are well below stress threshold.

Mammalian brains operate comfortably up to 14 Hz. Long term exposure to 15 Hz in animal studies showed negative behavioral modification and 20 Hz caused stress hormone production. this due to the animals brains being entrained higher than low beta where our frequency spectrum ends…we stop at 14.1 Hz or the second recognized peak in the Schumann frequencies. Based on our research we recommend 9.6 Hz or lowering down to 4.8 Hz and then to 3.2 Hz.

If you are wondering if you will build a dependance on the EarthPulse in order to sleep you are wrong. The EarthPulse does work on the principle of Entrainment. With the sleep programs or a set frequency we are actually trying to set a circadian rhythm for the people who are having difficulty sleeping or who have chronic insomnia so that they can have better quality sleep. It is a process of brain wave entrainment.

So initially you will be conditioning the brain to ‘lock-onto’ the signal. Once you are entrained and you have your circadian rhythm set you will not only be sleeping better you will also have the added benefits of overall health at a sub-cellular – mitochondrial level. And this does not happen overnight but it comes through consistent use over a period of time, usually within a few weeks. The aim is to build a routine or cycle within a few weeks. This is the frame work to reset your body’s natural circadian rhythm and soon you will have better quality sleep.

After this is set, you will be sleeping well and you can continue using the EarthPulse for its benefits which is improved mitochondrial efficiency because of better oxygen metabolism and subsequently reducing oxidative stress (free radical formation).

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