The most effective Magnetic Therapy modality, PEMF Therapy can easily be done at home. All you need is an EarthPulse PEMF device. It can easily be used in the comfort of your own bed and has the correct features to provide successful therapuetic results.

How does magnetic therapy work using EarthPulse PEMF devices?

Magnets are best placed under the mattress as it ensures uniform distribution of magnetic therapy field covering your whole body from head to toe. Lying directly over the center line of the magnet ensures maximum benefits. Each magnet produces a field of 3ft radius on top of the magnet. Sharing the single magnet system would be mean that you both will have to sleep shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip or LIKE spoons to get maximum benefits. And your dog too would have to lie within that radius to get maximum benefit.
The EarthPulse PEMF v5 or v5Basic are single magnet systems and the ProBasic or v5Pro are double magnet systems. The primary difference between the two magnetic therapy system types is that the Pros are a two magnet system. A double active configuration becomes available with two magnets. Use one magnet with higher concentrated field with the dual polarity ring on and the other magnet with Sleep Configuration or Air-core.  One magnet can be used locally, while the other one goes under the mattress for general torso/hips application or the the upper torso. Its 2 magnets at full power. While the v5 single magnet systems do a good job covering you from head to toe, the Pros give you far better full body coverage and more power.

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The two magnets can also be shared between two people sharing the same bed. This will be more ideal since the want to accommodate your pet dog too apart from the both of you. The two magnets can be placed on either sides of the bed. One magnet under you and the other under your partner. But since you are sharing the same controller, you both will have to use the same frequency/ sleep program. Since both the magnets are powered by one controller, you wont be able to program each magnet differently. We tend to think that two controllers is superior to sharing one controller between two people because this will allow the both of you to set the controllers according to your individual preference and also you both will be able to go to sleep at different times as well.


How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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