Benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy

  • Lowers muscle strain
  • Better mobility of joints
  • Stimulating the actual disease fighting capability
  • Helping your body in order to detoxify
  • Better sleep
  • Lower tension
  • balances endrocrine systems
  • Lowers swellings faster
  • Regenerates cells

Even though the full function of sleep is just not entirely known to mankind, the fundamental requirement for sleep is usually practiced by just about all mammals. Our sleep uses up somewhere around 30 % of our life. The harmful effects of insomnia can be guessed even by observing how we feel after just one sleep deprived night: memory ability and speech control decline, becoming easily irritated, hormonal mood swings, vision could become blurry, body’s temperature may well become haywire.

Since obtaining the reason a sleep problem is usually complex, the usually practiced path would be that of the very least amount of resistance, i.e,  to just treat the actual sleep issue like this is the main issue. You’ll find a wide variety of pharmacological techniques for managing sleep disorders, even though a lot of lead to ceiling or dependancy. So-called hypnotic medication, then, is mostly just suggested for short-term use, which bears minor risk. But all these approaches is harmful to say the least. Quite a few (if not necessarily most) sleep issues relate with other behaviour or health issues which cause these sleep issues in the first place. Poor sleep practices consist of performing exercises at night, having caffeine everyday, in addition to cigarettes prior to your bed. Sleep should refurbishment, not only on the bodily system, but also for the mind and soul.

Sleep loss could equally be a condition or also a warning sign, that means it might occur without treatment (primary sleep disorder), or might be a warning sign of the distinct condition (secondary sleep disorder).

Over the years, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF therapy) or Magnetic therapy for Sleep has proven itself highly effective where conventional therapies failed. When frequency and exposure duration are adequate the results can be astounding.

The EarthPulse Sleep on Command PEMF system is the world’s only magnetic sleep machine and has been for sale since 2002. The Sleep on Command™ pulsed electromagnetic Sleep-Machine provides for convenient nighttime exposure of 8 hours or more; providing the deepest sleep you’ve had in DECADES, without interfering one tiny-little-bit in your already busy schedule. Due to our frequency specific, near earth amplitude pulsed DC magnetic field at night, you reap an entire spectrum of effects rivaling steroids and other banned or controlled substances.

Sleeping in the Sleep on Command™ very-weak pulsed electromagnetic field (just .1 – 2 Gauss at your mattress surface) results in deeper more recuperative sleep; as well as a number of remarkable effects including improved flexibility, improved energy, enhanced mental focus, improved hand/eye motor skills and substantially improved strength and stamina. Our patented SLEEP-MODE programs even help you wake in the morning by stepping-up to ALERT-MODE prior to shut down.

It has than 10,000 users worldwide, you can read some amazing healing and recovery stories on their client feedback page.

10 modes to use including patented stepping down pulsed electromagnetic field frequencies that entrain brain to improve sleep onset

SLEEP-MODE 1 – Starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling in and out of DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night 4 cycles with a wake up phase and a 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz to alleviate sleeping through the wake up phase;
SLEEP-MODE 2 – Starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night w/WAKE-UP phase during program conclusion plus 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz to nudge you out of bed;
SLEEP-MODE 3 – Starts in Delta, steps down to low-Delta, cycles within Delta all night w/WAKE-UP phase plus 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz to make it nearly impossible to stay asleep.
SLEEP-MODE 4 – Starts and stays at 1 Hz to timer’s conclusion, NO-wake-up phase. We affectionately call this program “the Dead-Zone” plus 1 hour buffer 14.1 Hz to shake you out of deep-Delta;
SLEEPEASY – Hybrid Delta-rhythm program that starts with 15 minutes of RECOVER then tumbles into Delta-rhythm in 60 seconds w/ wake-up phase during program completion, plus the 1 hour buffer;
RECOVER-MODE – Based upon the best of Eastern European and Soviet PEMF research, w/wake-up phase at timer’s conclusion plus our new 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer; for use when “POWER-NAPPING” or as an alternative SLEEP-MODE for athletes after strenuous physical activity (or injury); or for maximum ergogenic effect.
ALERT-MODE – To reduce physical and mental fatigue; use as EMF protection; for use in Recovery issues when RECOVER-MODE causes drowsiness;
MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE – Choose any frequency from .5 – 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours for use as Schumann generator, meditation, sleep-experimentation w/ 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz as wake up phase;
ENTRAIN-UP – 1 hour session to expose system to entire frequency range; 9.6 Hz to 1 Hz to 14.1 Hz useful with neurological issues and for 30 minutes to 1 hour POWER-NAP;
ENTRAIN-DOWN – 1 hour session only. 9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over 1 hour then shuts down; for use when only wanting to use it to help you fall asleep.

Better sleep with EarthPulse sleep machine


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