Magnetic Therapy has progressed in today’s age to new heights and magnetic therapy reduces pain. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy devices are now available that produce pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) that have an anti-inflammatory and pain killing effect on the joints and muscles.

These pulsed electromagnetic fields are harmless and produce very weak magnetic fields. They tune the mitochondria of the cells of the body of the user to function much more effectively than before. This is true healing on the cellular level. Very few magnetic therapy devices exist that not only kill pain but also provide true healing, more than just symptomatic healing. One such device, known as the EarthPulse, is a pulsed magnetic therapy device which has applications for more than 100 disease conditions. While we can not claim that it can resolve any medical conditions, users have reported relief from Parkinsons, Arthritis, and many other conditions which involve pain and joint/muscle discomfort.

PEMF Therapy devices are not new. They have been around from more than 50 years now, mainly in eastern europe. However, largely ignored until now as alternative medicine, they are gaining acceptance due to the Internet and tons of positive reviews of PEMF Therapy device systems such as the EarthPulse Sleep on Command. Physiotherapists are slowly switching over to this healing modality now too, specially since magnetic therapy reduces pain quickly and side-effect free.

How magnetic therapy reduces pain?

magnetic therapy reduces pain. Get rid of Pain and inflammation with PEMF

Nip the pain in the bud, discover true healing, that not only kills Pain, but actually heals the condition causing it. Proper diet and nutrition can go only so far. With PEMF Therapy, cellular healing goes in an over-drive. Our Affordable pulsed electro magnetic therapy machines even entrain the brain to gain deep sleep. This deep sleep which we usually get for just 1-2 hours (in highly healthy individuals) enables the body to get better, heal itself. Now imagine, getting such sleep quality for 4-6 hours, it automatically results in quicker healing and not just killing pain.

Whether you are a 19 year old sports and fitness freak, who works out hard and wants to kill workout pain simultaneously improving stamina, or an 80 year old gentleman, who is suffering from joint pains of any type, PEMF therapy is for you!

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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