As reported by Times of India, the government has fined Telcos Rs. 10.8 crore. That’s Rs.108 million or USD 1.8 million. This fine is for exceeding the limit of mobile tower radiation. With more than 900,000 cellular towers in the country, it is indeed a herculean task for the authorities to monitor the EMF radiated from them. Currently, the Indian government imposes a fine of Rs. 1 million for every mobile tower found emitting radiation in excess of prescribed limits.

There is very little information available to the public about the dangers of mobile tower radiation. It is also known as EMF Pollution, Electromagnetic Field Pollution, or ElectroMagnetic Pollution (EMP).

Recently, we posted an article about EMF Protection. You can read this article about EMF Protection if you would like to protect yourself.

EMF Pollution which arises from mobile tower radiation causes DNA damage, sleep disorders, cancer and various pathalogical effects which are detrimental to human health. These dangers of EMF Pollution or EMP are presented by EarthPulse in great detail. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have been linked on that page, which highlight the various dangers of mobile tower radiation on human health. You will see for yourself with facts based on scientific research that such mobile tower radiation is highly harmful to human health, even within the approved mobile tower radiation limits as set by various authorities. It is shameful to see telecom operators, not only refuse to recognize that fact, but also violate government laid restrictions on the mobile tower radiation limit.


EMF protection from mobile tower radiation

Mobile Tower Radiation – How to get Protection

If you live close to a mobile tower (almost all of us do!), you now have the choice to atleast protect your family and yourself from this constant damage caused due to mobile tower radiation by using an EarthPulse. While sleeping in the protective field of EarthPulse, all night, you will be able to negate the effects of such EMF radiation from affecting you as drastically as before. Users report immediate improvement in sleep and energy levels.

Get an EarthPulse today with a full money-back 90-days guarantee. If you do not feel the positive effects of our technology, simply return it for a full refund.



How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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