PEMF therapy in India has been around from at least 10 years now. Today many imported PEMF devices can easily by purchased online in India. EarthPulse is the only PEMF machine that’s manufactured in India and developed by world-leading american PEMF company. Our home-use PEMF therapy devices have been available worldwide since 2002 and are the very best in the whole world as our products have evolved on the basis of feedback gathered from more than 15,000 users and 30 years of PEMF therapy research.

EarthPulse PEMF devices are shipped to all cities and towns in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad among many others. These PEMF therapy devices are shipped to any location in India and best-in-class customer support is provided by trained staff. It doesn’t matter if you are in Chandigarh or Delhi, why go to a clinic and waste thousands of rupees when you can have your own system lifelong for less than a cost of a iPhone?

Each of our pulsed electromagnetic field therapy coils put out a maximum field amplitude of 1100 Gauss, which is about 50-100 times more powerful than any system in it’s own price category or 1/10th the cost of a Rs. 6 Lakhs (USD 10,000) system! So when  you’re trying to compare PEMF therapy devices in India on Amazon or Flipkart and seeing those imported products, know that you  would simply be paying a ridiculous amount of money for a much much lower intensity PEMF mat or PEMF device. Our systems are so well designed that you can apply even a 1 Gauss field, that’s the level of control we offer.

And so yes, it is right to believe that when it comes to accessible and affordable PEMF Therapy in India, PEMF devices from EarthPulse can not be compared to any other PEMF device. It’s the single most economical and full-featured PEMF machine available today.

Forget about awkward and uncomfortable helmet-type transcranial magnetic stimulation systems and any other so called “BioMats”, PEMF Mats or Mat-type PEMF therapy. Read our customer reviews to see that at such a low price point, you can actually get results without ever going to a clinic or putting yourself in an uncomfortable position. Sleep better in your own bed and rejuvenate at the same time! Sleep, Perform & Feel Better within 90-days!

PEMF Therapy in India based on 30 years of PEMF Research

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in India is finally accessible to millions faced with sleep discomforts, pain or low energy issues. Read our extensive PEMF therapy blog to understand the benefits.

Nothing is simpler to use than an EarthPulse Magnetic Field Therapy device. If you’re in India, simply order from Amazon or directly from us. With worldwide delivery for a flat-rate shipping price, ordering directly from EarthPulse distribution unlocks additional customer rewards and rebates enabling you to make back your entire investment in form of rebates and rewards.

We help our customers achieve their goals with life-long high quality technical support delivered by experts. All our PEMF devices in India ship with the same 90-day warranty and 5 year limited warranty as our international orders. In fact, we ship worldwide from India since the very beginning! Our logistics department in Bangalore (India) is world-class, fulfills orders internationally and ensures your PEMF device is delivered to your door-step within no-time.

We ship PEMF therapy machines to following states in India with full 90-day money back guarantee: Try now Risk-Free for 90-days
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