Specific frequencies used in PEMF therapy for Cancer are beneficial. Cancer can be attributed to mitochondrial dysfunction, oxygen deficiency or hypoxia. Good amount of research is available now about using various electromagnetic fields for avoiding and healing Cancer including Rife machines. Read our exclusive research on PEMF for Cancer.

We DO NOT IN ANY WAY claim that our device or any other product or technology can be used to treat cancer. We would like to inform you though that no other PEMF system in the world respects the narrow frequency range below 15 Hz that actually heals, except us, We have since inception in May 2001. 

Many PEMF devices expose users to higher frequencies and can cause Cancer to get worst too. So be very vary about which company to buy a PEMF device from. All this information has been well documented in our exclusive research – PEMF for Cancer: Frequency Specific PEMF. Here you find published medical journal studies which used correct and wrong frequency ranges to assess the benefits of PEMF therapy for Cancer. Many obviously couldn’t see the benefit as improper frequencies or exposure periods were used. So we put together a comprehensive report that covers more than 20 citations to articles that are written by distinguished scientists.

EarthPulse energy healing system is based on the Theory of Anti-aging and mitochondrial support. Now there are several PEMF devices out there, but most of them are neither small nor portable or they have frequencies that are higher than useful.

For a fit person, who exercises regularly, it would mean at least a ten percent increase in strength. Performance progress can be observed by weight lifting or stomach exercises. Such performance enhancement effects also transfer benefit when trying PEMF Therapy for Cancer.

You want to go right at 9.6 Hz for maximum mitochondrial boost. But, if you can’t sleep at 9.6 Hz you’ll have to use at night at a slower frequency in Delta brain-wave rhythm. You don’t want to sacrifice sleep for the sake of 9.6 Hz. But if you use a slower setting for sleep at night you should use the system during the daytime a few hours applying 9.6 Hz or the Recover mode.

If on chemo, it may be better to lower amplitude or skip the device immediately after the chemo is induced. 9.6 Hz or recover should be used most to fight the cause of the cancer (low energy and low oxygen) and protect and detoxify the healthy cells from the chemo.

You want apoptosis of the cancer not healthy cells. Pulsed magnetic field therapy is going to raise you blood and tissue oxygen and lower oxidative stress and raise ATP levels. ALL of which are anti cancer.

You should see if a clinic has a very strong PEMF system like a TeslaFit which provides a very strong discharge of current in large areas of tissue via PEMF. If you run that over your entire body for 30 minutes section by section and then focus on areas where you know there are tumors for another 30 minutes it’ll help ALOT.

You also want to check Bob Beck type electrical stimulation for Cancer. Strong PEMF is essentially the same thing only better than trying to do it with 9 volt batteries. 9 volt battery systems work, just not as strong, so not as good. You want some relatively strong current running through those tumors and the high-intensity clinical-level PEMF systems induce enough current to twitch muscles (pretty hard).

Just the same, Bob Beck protocol does work, but probably (a lot) slower and takes hours per day.

Look up baking soda, essiac tea, ketogenic diet and lots of fresh (ORGANIC) juice. In 6 months you should be in good shape.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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