More than 60 years of East-European pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research has clearly shown that PEMF therapy is very effective in many healing applications with zero side-effects or any unhealthy reactions. If you have pain, PEMF is the most effective drugless and side-effect free pain treatment solution.

Proper use of PEMF therapy using correct frequencies and correct duration of application doesn’t just kill pain, but it also heals the cause of the pain, specially there is no nutrition based deficiency.

Our research shows that 10 Hz low power application over long treatment times is the best way to recover from pain. It simply rebuilds the tissue and heals the source of the pain.

EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is modeled using the most effective and well tested frequency and wave-forms. It has 4 Sleep Modes, a Recovery mode, Manual Frequency setting mode and Alert mode for day-time use.

If you’ve got pain related to Fibromyalgia (or even Migraine headaches), PEMF therapy is the answer to your prayers and we have very rarely seen it fail.

Refer to our our research library hosted on our main website here with 1000s of published academic and medical research articles to see for yourself that all the research did indeed happen, but was never promoted by the pharmaceutical industries for some reason (we can all guess why!)

Once you are convinced and would like to give a fair trial head to our shop to place your order with a complete 90-days money back guarantee.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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