We recognized the effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF Therapy for Fibromyalgia back in 2002. We documented results in this area of research pre-dating all peer reviewed literature.

Fibromyalgia more often than not is associated with low tissue oxygen. This is not a result of cardiovascular issues but in mitochondrial electron transport chain (oxygen metabolism) inefficiency, which draws oxygen supply from the blood too quickly and produces inordinate amount of oxidative waste.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has proven effective on pain for 6 decades particularly in Eastern European research. It is highly effective in a diverse range of therapeutic applications with no side-effects or adverse reactions. 

How does EarthPulse PEMF Therapy for Fibromyalgia treatment reduce Pain?

Our novel night time based PEMF technology is particularly effective at enhancing sleep and flexibility in ALL types of pain. 

EarthPulse PEMF devices produce pulsed electromagnetic fields that start addressing the root cause of the fibro pain by raising blood and tissue oxygen. Nightly, full-body application is likely the key to long term success. 

For more information view our peer-reviewed research publication.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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