Based on our more than 11 years experience using PEMF therapy for Frozen Shoulder, we decided to share it’s important aspects for our users to benefit from.

PEMF can create an environment where miraculous natural healing will occur, but the nutritive component is just as important as the PEMF….please don’t try and cut corners now. You can’t build a brick wall without the bricks. When using PEMF therapy for Frozen Shoulder or rebuilding body parts , make sure you have your nutritive components covered; add PEMF and immense benefits will occur.

Effective PEMF therapy has beneficial effects on all the cells of the body and that’s the reason why EarthPulse PEMF therapy systems work well. EarthPulse PEMF promotes the body’s ability to heal itself, while actually reversing the aging process over the first few years of usage. Oxygen metabolism is body’s most important process, improve that and every bodily function improves including hormone synthesis and cellular regeneration.

PEMF Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

PEMF Therapy for Frozen Shoulder: Supplements

Organic Sulfur (information below) will work synergistically with pulsed electromagnetic fields to speed cellular regeneration. It helps deliver oxygen, EP affects how efficiently that O2 is burned.

Organic Sulfur is an important addition to your health regimen. Without it, your body can’t regenerate tissues. Those New World Order dudes are pretty smart, when they forced farmers in America to start using petrochemical fertilizers back in the 1940’s they knew that pretty soon everyone would be sulfur deficient, their bodies would break down, and they’d be more dependent on Big-Pharma as they aged. The broke the sulfur cycle that had been carried on here on Earth for eons. Why our great grand-parents didn’t know much about arthritis but our grand-parents do. Use it with PEMF therapy for maximum benefit with a Frozen Shoulder condition.

Joint Formulas (we previously used the best stuff known as GLC2000) work strictly on your connective tissue. Organic Sulfur on the other hand is important constituent in all types of tissue regeneration and a gram or 2 per day will allow your body to manufacture its own glucosamine SULFATE & chondroitin SULFATE…in addition to building blocks of all other tissues. If you are over 60 or have critical issues in joint or ligament, you may want to use both for a month or two before switching to Organic Sulfur only and feeling out your maintenance dose of Organic Sulfur.

Organic Sulfur or GLC is NOT going to resolve your joint issues or Frozen Shoulder issues on their own. Use Recover-Mode of our PEMF therapy device, add a joint supplement and you will resolve them perhaps in 3 months, almost certainly in 6 particularly if you add some professional physical therapy to restore lost rage of motion. Rotator cuffs need that. PEMF therapy for Frozen Shoulder on its own will help considerably but cannot fully regenerate the connective tissues without the nutritive components in the body system.

Our inventor, Paul Becker, began using Organic Sulfur in Jan 2012 and it has completely replaced requirement for maintenance doses (2 -3 times per week) of GLC to keep his earlier destroyed rotator cuff nearly as good as new. In fact, his shoulders feel better now on Organic Sulfur than since the devastating injury in 1986. Overall, his entire body just feels “better” after this systematic, well supplemented, PEMF therapy for Frozen Shoulder treatment.

Please do not confuse or allow the health food store clerk to convince you that MSM is Organic Sulfur. We recommend to add 1  teaspoon to 3/4 glass of sparkling mineral water so it dissolves in the bubbles as it falls though the soda, then top off with juice. More or less juice to taste. It tastes tart like lemon without the lemon flavor. No stinky sulfur taste / smell as you’d expect and rather inexpensive. Sometimes you can have 2 per day. One pound usually lasts 2 months though we’re told it should be a pound per month. The inventor is happy at this dose. Shoulders feel awesome.

Once you get over 60 or depending upon rehab from injury or what it is you’re trying to put your body through, it may be prudent to take sulfur and a bit of joint formula as well. Organic Sulfur also detoxes you body from aluminum and other heavy metals. I discover it trying to figure out how to protect myself and detox from the g.d. chemtrail poisons that have now even infiltrated here in the middle of the South Indian Ocean territory.

For neurological health, you must take a Calcium supplement. The insulation on the nerve fiber is called the myelin sheath. It depends on adequate calcium. A thin myelin sheath leaves muscles/nerves prone to spasms and injury. The neurological system will leach calcium from bones to try and support it. Unfortunately leached bone calcium is not very bioavailable in the nervous system, so take your Calcium and your body will rewire itself and you’ll protect your bones from density loss due to deficiency and/or leaching through age. The best we’ve found is Jarrow Labs Bone-Up. We take the yellow/black label version though there is a vegetarian version too.

So now you know, how to effectively use PEMF therapy for Frozen shoulder treatment and also important supplements needed. And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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