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PEMF therapy devices from Earthpulse are a hallmark of research and innovation by studying thousands of published medical research papers. We present this blog based on knowledge gained in 16 years of manufacturing one of the most effective PEMF therapy machines on the planet. Discover our in-depth research on PEMF / Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy through these articles.

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PEMF Therapy Devices for Better Sleep, Healing and Longevity Blog

Power of Electrotherapy

Discover the history of Electromedicine or Electrotherapy products like Muscle Stims, Interferential & TENS units are widely used by Physiotherapists and several wellness clinics and read about the scientists who inspired our research and development. Details of the historical Electrotherapy Product Development & Experimentation by EarthPulse Inventor and more!
Electrotherapy Effects Electrical Stimulation for Health and Wellness

PEMF therapy for Depression & Mental Wellness

In addition to helping you sleep, PEMF therapy quickly tune cells to produce more energy with less oxidative waste, thereby enhancing natural cellular detox. This excess energy enhances production of hormones and neurotransmitter chemicals. These synergistic effects will elevate mood and fight depression.
pemf devices and therapy for mental wellness

PEMF therapy for Osteoporosis

Research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy for Osteoporosis shows, PEMF therapy enhances bone matrix density and promotes bone and cartilage regeneration.
PEMF therapy for osteoporosis research benefits

Improve Executive Performance with PEMF Therapy

Improve Executive Performance with PEMF Therapy. Discover the performance enhancement effects of PEMF for high performers & over-busy executives. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for better decision making, mental acuity, also improved physical performance, ensuring more productivity. Improve your performance & productivity with PEMF Therapy.
Improve executive performance with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy
How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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