Minor to extreme reactions to pulsed electro magnetic field therapy may occur, and users or health professionals should understand them while using pulsed magnetic field therapy (PEMF) devices. Because PEMF therapy results in many activities within the body, many people get some discomfort, specially when the first start using it. As per our feedback from our users, some PEMF therapy side effects are felt by 5% of the users.

Do note that these PEMF therapy side effects are very minor and temporary. For users who are electro-sensive or hyper sensitive to electromagnetic fields, these PEMF therapy side effects have been observed to be more common. In very rare cases do the users of PEMF therapy have to stop the therapy. Most of the time, changing the frequencies or program mode of the PEMF device, helps resolve any issues. It’s important that the users read product documentation carefully before using them. As such they should be able to receive post-delivery user support from professionals who understand how the particular PEMF device works and what are it’s features.

EarthPulse is the only manufacturer of PEMF devices in India who provides on-going customer support to it’s users to help them get acclimatized to the PEMF device. Detailed documentation in form of Read Me First, User Manuals and Additional Information PDFs is sent to the users automatically via email upon purchase.

PEMF therapy can result in altered  blood circulation, enable cells and tissues to self-repair faster, stimulate nuerons, provide relaxation, alter BP, and improve the absorption of medications and nutrients, among many other reactions. So, for every user the experience might defer.

PEMF therapy side effects on Blood Circulation

For some users, increases in circulation, especially in tissues that have less blood flow, may lead to increases in blood circulation for a little while after a PEMF therapy session. This increment in circulation, although in many cases very beneficial to the body, can lead to a increase in oxidative stress for some individuals without proper anti-oxidants in their diet or as supplement. Thus it is recommended to have adequate antioxidants before beginning daily usage.

PEMF therapy side effects on Pain

When neurons are stimulated using PEMF therapy, pain may temporarily increase due to the improved traffic in the nerve or increased circulation to the nerves. However, when properly designed PEMF devices such as the EarthPulse are used correctly (the correct program and right amount of time), they don’t just alleviate pain, but also heal the cause of the pain, specially if the user does not have nutritional deficiency. Seek a Nutritionalist’s help if needed to ensure this. Also make sure the user is having enough green vegetables in diet. When the body is healing, it does need proper nutrition to get the energy to heal, it’s obvious. PEMF can push the cells tendency to heal, but the cells also need nutrition.

PEMF therapy side effects on BP

Sometimes, PEMF therapy side effects may lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate, these PEMF therapy side effects are usually good for the body. They are bad only if, user is elderly, on medices for blood-pressure-lowering, are weak, or have nimble or easily alterable BP, have been on elongated periods of bed rest, or who have non-quick, compensatory vascular reflex. However, these PEMF therapy side effects disappear as the treatment goes forward and PEMF infact stablizes the body’s functions.

PEMF therapy effects on Medications and Nutrients

Absorption of medicines and nutrients may change by the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy devices. Sometimes, blood sugar levels fall with varying degrees after starting pulsed electro magnetic therapy.  It has been reported that Chemotherapy becomes more effective in killing cancer cells with the use of pulsed electro magnetic fields. PEMF therapy may have an impact blood clots, by diminishing blood platelet attachments. Persons using Aspirin, or other anti-coagulant drugs should be cautious with concurrent use of PEMF therapy and such medicines. Over a period of time, PEMF therapy can help remove the need to take such medication, thus saving the body from long term stress from using pharma drugs.

PEMF therapy effects on Sensations

Possible PEMF therapy side effects are: increased fatigue, agitation while trying to sleep, little weakness or loss of energy, change in tastes, dizziness, increased urination,  and feel warm or cold sensations. Mostly, persons who feels these side effects are supposed to have systemic hemodynamic or autonomic instability and/or neurotoxicity, because of environmental toxicities or chronic infections. Many such users who report these side effects have chronic regional pain syndromes, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. The amount of PEMF therapy side effects felt will determine the approach to take with adjusting PEMF therapy to help the user.

Getting rid of side effects and continuing PEMF therapy

Most commonly, side effects can be managed by just continuing the therapy, since they are usually temporary. As the body adapts to PEMF therapy, the side effects usually diminish and halt, specially when the side effects are mild.

For deep-seated the physiological disturbances, higher amount of care needs to be taken with how PEMF therapy is used in the begining. The intensity, frequency of use, and duration of usage, has to be adjusted for best results. For healthy individuals, who are both physiologically and psychologically fit, Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can  be continued until the body gets used to the therapy. For persons who have severe chronic pain and/or physiological problems, PEMF therapy usage should be started with lowest level of intesity possible. EarthPulse comes with an intensity knob to change the intensity from 0 – 100%, thus ensuring users can easily start using the PEMF device without much discomfort in the beginning.

For some people, proper nutritional support and supplements are needed for several weeks prior to PEMF therapy. Correct minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant supplements may be required.

Few times, side effects have emerged after PEMF therapy has been used over a period of time. The usual resolution is to diminish the intensity of the pulsed electromagnetic field 1st, and if that does not reduce the PEMF therapy side effects, then change the usage time.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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