When considering PEMF therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation, its important to understand that after someone survives a stroke, rehabilitation is an important phase to recover. Specially for those who have had a cerebral AVM stroke, we found PEMF therapy for stroke rehabilitation to be particularly helpful in rapid neuro-regeneration.

There are many aftereffects that come with stroke which means change of lifestyle due to loss of cognitive functions as well as mobility, vision and speech in most cases. Stroke rehabilitation entails relearning things for you to be able to redefine your life and go back to independent living. It’s important that therapies used in your stroke rehabilitation help you do that. Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Vision training is provided to most stroke survivors, but recovery is usually quite slow.

The main goal of rehabilitation is to build your strength, confidence and capability and should also target reversing the stroke effects. From successful rehabilitation you gain skills such as self- care skills, communication skills, cognitive skills, mobility skills and social skills. PEMF therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation is a highly effective therapy.

What is PEMF Therapy?

For those wondering what PEMF therapy is, it is a alternative healing therapy which uses electromagnetic fields. PEMF devices are used to create a magnetic field which can be used to relieve pain, allow better relaxation and improve mental acuity. PEMF has been used in eastern-Europe for more than 50 years effectively. Research has been done by organizations such as NASA and NIH on the PEMF therapy and its benefits have been proved to be highly effective. It has successfully treated tens of thousands in more than 40 countries worldwide. You can find 1000s of research citations about PEMF therapy on EarthPulse Research site.

How does PEMF Therapy for stroke rehabilitation work?

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) induce micro charges within a cell, tuned to frequencies which enhance cellular functions. This helps in improving the flow of blood as well as have neuroregenerative effects. Optimum blood supply is important in increasing the oxygen supply and re-activating and regenerating debilitated cells. This also means increased the absorption of calcium and all other vital nutrients in the bones and joints. This ensures pain relief from acute or chronic pain caused by stroke. Optimized nutrient absorption also increases chances of full recovery of mobility. Thus we can see how PEMF therapy can be useful during Stroke rehabilitation.

The cell can only absorb limited nutrients and create limited energy required for healing over 24 hours. 8 hours of PEMF therapy during the nighttime is the next best thing your cells can experience to optimize themselves naturally. This being the classic example of ACE pathway (alternative cellular energy), providing fresh fracture healing at 200% – 300% faster rate of stroke rehabilitation.

Faster restoration of speech, vision and mobility

Studies on people with stroke shows that PEMF therapy helps in increasing mobility and cognitive skills. By routine use of PEMF therapy, you are sure to have improvement in terms of mobility and it also helps fixing vision and speech loss induced by stroke. We have seen EarthPulse PEMF therapy device users report up to 100% restoration of speech and vision within 2-4 months of a deadly stroke.

Every chemical reaction in our body is an electromagnetic event. Scientists have found out that by use of PEMF process, antioxidants are enhanced. Antioxidants are important in keeping us healthy and improve healing of injuries, trauma and illness. They also help the body to manage the release of free radicals. This antioxidants are useful to rehabilitating stroke patients. They help in improving health, vitality, well- being and longevity. This gives a stroke survivor confidence and determination to be independent.

The study by NASA also concluded that PEMF therapy also helps in nerve stimulation and restoration. The electromagnetic fields can help in stimulating the nerves. PEMF therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation will help in stimulating the nerves and help faster regeneration and healing.


PEMF has little to no side-effects and all therapists should study and recommend it as a rehabilitation therapy for stroke survivors. It’s evident that it has advantages and benefits that can lead to quick recovery. You can get PEMF devices from Earthpulse which provides quality pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices that have been used & reviewed by thousands of people worldwide.

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