Our 2nd generation portable PEMF device Transportable Pack is made of rugged rip-stop nylon and cross stitched on all stress points.  The new wider straps ensure a snug, tight fit for nearly any type of local application; even to the wrist. Available in basic-black only.

Portable PEMF device - Transport Pack from EarthPulse

Our padded Portable PEMF device Transportable Pack is made especially to fit the Voltaic 12 volt battery & EarthPulse™ controller. The Voltaic is a large footprint battery so nearly any 12 volt output capable 20,000mAh battery will fit. Moisture resistant, padded to help protect your EarthPulse PEMF therapy device. Great for camping, moving back and forth to the office, from to room or tossing in the car.  Allows you to walk around under full power for 6 – 8 hours on a full charge when you need it.
Clear controller pocket enables keypad operation without removal. Battery control features and charging port are accessable by opening side flap; charge without removing a thing. Short L-tipped Voltaic power cable included to avoid cable-clutter and keep transport pack neat and clean. Far more convenient when moving room to room as no power supply to move.
Even if you don’t want to use it as a wearable portable PEMF device, you can still use Transportable pack or portable PEMF system with the regular power supply cable. Two zippered magnet pouches, three adjustable strap assemblies of different lengths for different parts of body. Small one adjusts down to size of small wrist.

Voltaic battery sold separately. Buy a large Votaic solar panel for off the grid / grid-failure; be sleeping on EarthPulse™ the night after a bad hurricane, tornadoes, snowstorm or while climbing Mt. Everest.

Voltaic’s large panels fit discreetly in top paper storage of standard briefcase or 15″ laptop bag. Very slim, the panels take up almost no space at all.

Transport Pack System includes;

  • Battery control features and charging port accessable simply by opening side flap and without removing battery
  • Short Voltaic L-tipped power cable perfect size for transport pack use;
  • Two zippered magnet pouches for use with included strap assemblies;
  • 3 adjustable strap assemblies of different lengths for different parts of body – shortest one is adjustable down to size of a small wrist.

Special Offer / Discount on Portable PEMF device Transportable Pack:

Get a 33% discount on the Portable PEMF device Transportable Pack from Sleep-Tech.com on purchase of any new PEMF therapy device. You will receive the discount offer on your Cart page after adding a PEMF therapy device to your cart.

If you already own an EarthPulse, use your Friends and Family Discount coupon code to get a 20% discount if you’d like to just order the Transportable Pack for Portable PEMF device. Feel free to write to us if you need any assistance or have any questions.

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