Electrotherapy products such as Muscle Stims,  interferential & TENS units are widely used by Physiotherapists and several wellness clinics and are usually crude high frequency buzzers or vibrators that have zero effect on cellular regeneration of each every cell. Let us learn about the history and true power of Electrotherapy from someone who has been closely following scientists since early 90s.

Electrotherapy is not new to us. In fact, the inventor of the EarthPulse PEMF devices has been experimenting with various forms of Electrotherapy since early 90s. Electromedicine from the 80s was a phenomenal breakthrough in medicine itself. However, with the growth of pharmaceuticals, it never had the chance to be mainstream and a lot of technology was suppressed.

electrotherapy history bob beckPaul Becker, the inventor of the EarthPulse PEMF technology shares, “Bob Beck is how we first learned of “electromedicine” or “electrotherapy” and since that day in 1996 electricity always seemed to me to be the most logical way to kill off microscopic invaders. I suppose now that my experience with TENS made me so open to the idea. When entering this field of electric and magnetic stimulation in 1996, it was by performing the Bob Beck electric and magnetic protocols on myself. And much of that 30 – 45 day protocol was spent on a 28.8 dial up modem learning everything we could about electromedicine.”

Since that time in 1996, the inventor of EarthPulse, Paul has not had a cold or flu because of Bob Beck Protocol. While Paul went on to invent the world’s only magnetic sleep machine that’s also a recovery & performance enhancing PEMF therapy device, he also created microcurrent devices for personal use and experimentation.

Historical Electrotherapy Product Development & Experimentation by EarthPulse Inventor

“Bob Beck was a source of knowledge and inspiration and his work started my path down the winding road of ElectroMedicine. He designed and had several models of powerful Rife – Crane pad-type devices built until having the realization that Bob’s simple method of electrocuting HIV and cancer causing virus was safer and superior. Safer, as the 4 Hz rhythm of this silver-pulser was much more friendly to the neurological system than higher frequencies used by the Rife type systems and far less current than the pad systems we were building in the late 1990’s.”

“I was fortunate to have met Bob at one of his notorious 1990’s live presentations. Learned about colloidal silver and was introduced to the concept of using electric currents to improve health. Researching this field has taken most of my time since mid-1996; switching my research field to pulsed electromagnetic fields – PEMF – in 2001. The EarthPulse™ was born out of knowledge gained from this time period.”

“I should mention here that the Bob Beck protocol of colloidal silver and occasionally the use of the blood pulsing system kept me cold & flu free since 1996 (my mom too just using CS). Only in Jan 2012 did i catch my first fever that lasted 2 days because i was unable to find the Beck pulser in my luggage. I killed the fever the first night after finding it tucked away in a compartment of my golf bag.”

“Back in 1996 my first engineer built a strong magnetic pulser and the blood pulser though Bob’s open source plans and gave them to his uncle in March of 1997 after he was sent home from hospital to die of terminal cancer within 2-3 months. At Thanksgiving dinner later that year, Vinnie, my engineer said not only was his uncle still alive, but he looked healthier than anyone else there for dinner.”

“During a taped interview in 1998 I heard Bob Beck describe an experiment he did in the 1950’s or 60’s after he’d become interested in Schumann waves. In an effort to see if the terrestrial Earth had a frequency of it’s own that was similar to or different than Schumann, Beck drove 2 metal rods 20 feet into the ground, hooked them up to an amplifier and then through an oscilloscope. He discovered that the Earth did have a resonating frequency and it was precisely 9.6 Hz.”

“I had already identified a clear pattern around 10 Hz in the Eastern European literature where results were far better than other frequencies and had already begun working on electric stim systems of 10 hz. So after discovering the Bob’s disclosure of his experiment, in 1999 I modified my microcurrent stim system to 9.6 Hz as I felt it was no coincidence that 10 Hz studies showing remarkable effects were so close to 9.6 Hz. It was 9.6 Hz NOT 10 Hz holding the key!”

“In 2001 I began designing the EarthPulse™ v.1 pulsed electromagnet at 9.6 Hz pulsed square wave. In 2002 filed patent on it and began selling / testing them achieving spectacular results and receiving rave reviews.”

Robert Becker, The Father of Electromedicine – Cellular Regeneration

Robert O. Becker MD wiith Paul Becker pulsed electromagnetic therapy inventors

The inventor of the EarthPulse (R) and Dr. Robert Becker (L)

Paul Becker, the inventor of the EarthPulse, also followed Dr. Robert O Becker. The father of electrotherapy and electrochemically induced cellular regeneration; a pioneer of silver plated nylon bandage in chronic wound care and regeneration of tissue.

Dr. Becker accomplished Complete in-vitro regeneration of adult fingertip with intact finger print, finger nail and tactile sensation!

He published the Theory of Embryonic-like cells due to electrically induced cellular DE-differentiation / re-differentiation (under influence of silver ion’s and DC electric current). For regeneration of tissue in diabetic ulcer, Robert Becker chose amputate candidates for his research on chronic ulcers and NEVER lost a limb. 100% success during more than a decade of research.

See also; Sandyk R>, Anninos PA> , Jacobson JI; three pioneers of electromagnetic field therapy to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

Working with Electrotherapy for Infections

A special kind of Electrotherapy works for infections such as skin diseases. An AC current electric stimulation coupled with high power PEMFs works for chronic-lyme infection. At billions & trillions of times smaller than you are, it takes a lot less electricity to kill those invaders than it would take to harm you. It’s easy to electrocute any kind of fungal, viral or bacterial infection.

“The article Electrocute Your Lyme Disease is directly on point. However, I’m not hypothesizing about knocking back the infection,…the goal here is eradicating it completely.”

Beck Stimulators

The Beck blood stim (Silver-Pulser) unit provides more than enough current to kill organisms that float by in the blood when attached at the artery and vein on one the wrist. With more tissue volume than your wrist (say a shoulder for instance where bacterial infection has caused arthritic-like symptoms), it’s not possible to draw the electrical current necessary with a 9 volt battery. Knock the infection back?… yes; eradicate it?…not likely if it’s in your joints. Read this article on bacterial infection and arthritis. With the EarthPulse solution instead, you may no longer need invasive methods for healing any more!

EarthPulse Solution – Combining Microcurrents & PEMF

With our upcoming E-stim solution you can plug in and rid yourself of even the most stubborn stuff on knees, hips, and elbows where electric current from a battery can get lost. The microcurrent is to kill the cells and the PEMFs for switching genes to development mode.

AC current AKA Bob Beck style electric currents are required for complete microorganism eradication. DC current aka Robert Becker style microcurrent should be applied for regeneration. The microcurrents themselves are applied at 9.6 Hz thereby generating Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields tuned for optimized and enhanced recovery.

STRONG PEMF as far above motor threshold as user can comfortably endure (strong enough to cause large muscle groups to twitch) is the way to get enough current to flow though large enough areas of tissue so that one can reliably treat the entire body in under an hour every day (or every other day) until the infection – any infection, even Lyme borellia in it’s cyst-form, is fully eradicated. This should work for any type of infection,…even morgellons.

When using the E Stim unit, you’ll need a spray bottle with some water in it to rehydrate the pads. i use colloidal silver so bacteria on the electrodes are never a problem and they can even work as silver electrodes.

Our PEMF devices themselves have been cherished by the world since 2002, and now that we have the perfect PEMF device, we have been busy getting the production ready for the world’s best Electric stimulator that will combine microcurrent and PEMF in a better, more effective manner than anything out there. We will even provide a full money-back guarantee on it, we’ve worked for 20 years on this thing!

Electrotherapy products such as Muscle Stims,  interferential & TENS units now that are widely used by Physiotherapists and several wellness clinics are usually crude high frequency buzzers or vibrators that have zero effect on cellular regeneration of each every cell. There is a lot of TENS out there and this is not a TENS machine.

Very soon, EarthPulse intends to introduce its new Electrotherapy wellness devices, that will aim to provide life-long care to the user along side our sleep, performance and reverse-ageing PEMF devices. Stay tuned for more information!

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