Agreed, Net Neutrality is a very big issue for both businesses and individuals alike. But ask yourself this, if your very own government, the body of individuals that looks after your community, isn’t able to provide the basic freedom of choice, do you think they have any control as to what’s going on covertly on wishes of the 1%?

TELECOM REGULATION AUTHORITY OF INDIA – published millions of email addresses of net neutrality supporters!

Now, If they dont have the small amount of know-how needed to operate a website, do you think they have have ever figured out the human health disaster that is awaiting?

100s of research studies have been published regarding the health dangers of EMF pollution. To counter this, telecom companies in return funded 1000s and 1000s of research publications which proved that no harm comes from EMF radiation emitted by cell phone towers and Wi-Fi.

Several effective governments in European countries have banned cell phone usage after they were easily able to make the above connection.

The problem goes deeper as you should notice that telecom companies are mostly very large in size and majority of countries have multinational telecom carriers. They have the capacity to really buy research, universities, knowledge and hence all technology released into the market.

The ultimate misuse of Knowledge at work, and the agenda seems to geared towards reducing the life span of healthy individuals. The implications are staggering and saddening too.

So coming back to Net Neutrality, it’s just nothing compared to what the real issue is. EMF pollution is infact at such dangerous levels that Schumann Resonance of Earth itself has shifted.

All living beings’ cells recover from damage at night due to the healing effect of Earth’s resonant magnetic field called Schumann Resonance. It’s a basic neccessity for our body just like air (polluted), water (polluted), food (polluted with GMO). Why are they cutting it off?

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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