Applying Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) for Parkinson’s disease has been studied and researched since late 80s and early 90s primarily in the US. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), which is primarily a PEMF technology,  studies show great relief in Parkinson’s disease and we find that similar results could be obtained if PEMF therapy was applied, in fact its entirely possible that PEMF is more effective as it’s easier to use and longer-duration application can be integrated easily into the daily routine.

The brain healing effects of PEMF therapy are due to higher ATP (cell energy) present after PEMF therapy in the body. More-ATP in brain and endocrine tissue results in significant healing. In our experience, daily all-night therapeutic use of EarthPulse during sleep improves sleep and results in reversal of symptoms and halts progression of issues.

According to the Parkinson’s Foundation in the US, almost 40% of Parkinson’s disease suffers also have depression. PEMF is an effective therapy for treating depression without using drugs. Thus, it is no wonder that it rapidly helps Parkinson’s disease patients too. Transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS) has been investigated for for depression and has become known as a valuable tool for depression therapy.

PEMF trains the brain to sleep deepe  and  establish more cohesive thought process, while it tunes the cells’ mitochondria for more efficient oxygen metabolis resulting in more cellular energy, better cellular detox and more blood & tissue Oxygen. Ths is why studies show PEMF protects the Substantia Nigra. Cell energy rises in endocrine, muscle & neurological tissues too.

Neurologists, surgeons and physiotherapists should explore the potential of PEMF therapy for enhancing recovery time and outcomes in parkinsons and alzheimers cases. There is no doubt that PEMF therapy helps in Parkinson’s Disease and brain health professionals would surely find the effects exciting and condusive in healing their clients. Read this article on our research website to access a thorough research review of Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for Parkinson’s disease.

Properly designed studies of frequency and duration rarely fail. See these video testimonials from some of our clients and observe that after 3 hours of EarthPulse exposure, parkinson’s sufferers are able to get back their movement, painlessly and drug-free!

Disclaimer: Please note we do not claim our products be used to treat any medical condition. Our objective is to simply present the known facts and our experience with PEMF for parkinsons.

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