PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) and rTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) studies show great relief in Parkinson’s disease.

These effects are due to higher ATP (cell energy) present after PEMF therapy in the body. More-ATP in brain and endocrine tissue results in significant healing. In our experience, daily all-night therapeutic use of EarthPulse during sleep improves sleep and results in reversal of symptoms and halts progression of ailments.

There is no doubt that PEMF therapy helps in Parkinson’s Disease. Many studies discredit the effects of PEMF therapy but please be aware that the studies have been performed very wrongly perhaps funded by pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. The beneficial effects are dose-related. 60 pulses at 1 Hz = 1 minute exposure and we find such study design laughable, as the real healing happens when used over night for more than 6 hours over a period of several days.   On the other hand, properly designed studies of frequency and duration rarely fail. See these video testimonials from some of our clients and observe that after 3 hours of EarthPulse exposure, patients are able to get back their movement, painlessly and drug-free!

Almost 40% cases of Parkinson’s disease are due to depression. PEMF therapy is FDA approved technique for treating depression without using drugs. Thus, it is no wonder that it rapidly helps Parkinson’s disease patients too. Transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS) has been investigated for for depression and has become known as a valuable tool for depression therapy. The EarthPulse is both a PEMF and a RTMS device.

To read the actual research studies visit our Parkinson’s research bibliography on our research site.

To get an EarthPulse, click on the Order in India link or visit our International Distributor.

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