Researchers have proven that EMF pollution from Wi-Fi is also harmful to plants.

The fact that Wi-fi kills trees or plants is not new to us at EarthPulse. We’ve been researching the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from decades and have made a few publications about our research findings too.

Researchers from the Dutch city Alphen aan den Rijn conducted this research, after observing abnormalities on trees that weren’t due to bacteria or virus caused diseases.  Trees that were nearest to the Wi-Fi routers and thus their radiation displayed a “leadlike” polish on their leaves. They also noted that the leaves’ lower and upper epidermis were dead. They found out that in the previous five years, all of the trees in the wireless technology using world are suffering due to electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers and wireless LANs. In short, Wi-fi kills trees!

It’s not Just about Wi-fi killing trees, nearly 200 scientists submitted an appeal to the United Nations (UN) on Monday (11 May) requesting it to adopt guidelines to protect against the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from cell phones, laptops, tablets and other wireless devices. France has also gone ahead and has banned the usage of Wi-fi in nursery and primary school. That’s now a fact too.

We, at EarthPulse, conducted an independent study on generating healthy and beneficial PEMF for plants. Earthpulse PEMF therapy system easily managed to double the speed of germination and size of beans. The observation is really exciting and once again proves that protection from EMF radiation is highly needed in today’s age.

Until the governments recognize this health hazard and instruct Telecom to do something about completely changing the technology they use, everyone needs an EarthPulse.

On one end of spectrum we see harmful use of technology by the greedy bigTelecom, and on the other, we at EarthPulse are doing the right thing, please support us and share this page about EMF Protection as much as possible! Unlike Telcos, we actually care about health of our only Planet and all living beings.

How electromagnetic fields cause pollution

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